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The Homeless Population

"Drive-By" Blessings ...

Another way you can bless the "one," is what we affectionately call “Drive-by’s.” First of all, traveling with homeless supplies is a lifestyle. As we approach a homeless person in the middle of the road with their cardboard sign, with a big smile and the love of Jesus, we say, “God bless you,” while handing them one of our gift bags.* 

Their response is always that of one who has just been touched by Jesus Himself! Only once has someone refused our gift. (His sign said, "Cash only!")

One day, when my grandson Corey was 8 yrs. old, as he and I were driving into Costco's parking lot, he saw a homeless lady on the far side of the parking lot with her sign. He said, "Nonna, there's a homeless lady with her sign over at the other entrance! We could give her a gift bag!" Delighted, I told him we'd be sure to go out that entrance so he could give her a blessing from Jesus. 

Finished w/our errands, I gave him instructions on how to give a gift from Jesus, and we prayed. He reached into our bag of gifts, and took out a bag for her, including a pic of Jesus comforting a woman. As our car got up close to her, he reached out to her with the gift bag, smiling really big and saying, "God bless you. Happy New Year."

Even with a line of cars behind us, she paused and was visibly touched by the Lord's presence. She couldn't stop smiling and thanking him. Then, she looked up and saw the line of cars, said “Thank you” again and we drove away. As we were driving away, my grandson said, "Oh Nonna, that felt so right!" Brings me to tears just remembering how Jesus touched him too! ♥

*[Gift bags include a gospel of John (English/Spanish), a healthy snack, Vitamin C, hot chocolate, SOCKS, oatmeal, a pic of "them" in the arms of Jesus w/scriptures, and Kisses from Heaven - well, Hershey kisses.♥ We were recently blessed with a donation that allowed us to add toiletries to our gift bags: Kleenex, chapstick, shampoo, hand sanitizer gel, soothing aloe vera gel, toothpaste/toothbrush and a first aid kit.]

We have so many stories of how Jesus blesses the poor and the homeless, as we share a modern day version of the "5 loaves & 2 fish."

Whether passing out gift bags, or taking a young mother and her babies grocery shopping, it is the presence of God by the power of His Holy Spirit that touches them and brings His love and joy.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. If you aren't called to go to the streets, would you consider helping us to go by making a donation on our

"Contact & Donations" page. Thank you!


A small portion of my own story ... in 1966, for one week, I lived out of my car when I was 19 years old and pregnant outside of wedlock. I was also in school and working. Hence, one of the reasons I travel with homeless supplies in the trunk of my car. Jesus knows ...

And yet, these days, as I work with the homeless, I am baffled by how many DO NOT want to live in a shelter or even let us know where it is they ARE camping out.

The Salvation Army provides tents to give out each winter, but still! Recently, a young woman (30) told me her story. She was offered a couch to sleep on in someone's home and she left after only 3 days. She told me she'd rather live on the streets.

I've heard this time and time again over the years ... one lady moves around the forest so no one knows where she's at! When I spoke with her about this at length, trying to encourage her to accept help, she was ADAMANT that she did not want anyone to know where she is ... she's also been robbed more than once; she's had 2 tents stolen from her; once when she went in to town w/her rolling basket to do her laundry. 

I think many of the homeless are afraid that they will be put away in a mental institution. Of all the keys of the kingdom, this is the key I want to set the captives free! This is why we combine both the practical and the spiritual when we minister to them.